The Heart Of Nbs.

Lee Simeone. 

I'm The Founder, CEO, Of The Record Label Nbs Rap Productions, From Australia. It’s Rap And Hip Hop Only, I Have A Production Crew That Works For Nbs, I Started Recruiting For The Label In 2015, Then In Early 2016, Purchased All The Studio Equipment, And Renovated The Garage For The Studio Space, I Started The Record Label Nbs Rap Productions Because Of Pac, Nbs Has Artists From Around The World, I Done This From Recruiting, Networking, And Promoting, Now Artists Come To Nbs, Our First Nbs Project Is A Track Called, Black Lives Matter, Our Next Nbs Project Will Be A Tribute Album To Pac, Nbs Started To Release Tracks From 2018, So Look Out For Them, Thanks Y’all, I Really Appreciate All The Support, I'm Proud Of All The Nbs Artists, I Love This Shit, The Atmosphere, The Love, The Support, The Learning, The Knowledge, The Changes, The Challenges, The Risks, I’m All About Loyalty, Respect, And One Love, Rap Is The Greatest, Because It’s What A Lot, Think, Feel And Can Relate To, And Plus We All Support Each Other As Family, Just show Your Love And Support By Purchasing Our Products, One Love Y’all.

 Ebonie Kol

I’m A Fast Rising Music Producer, Sound Engineer, And Artist, I Started Out With A Defunct Group Called, Unique Men During My Teen Years. I Grew Up Listening To Sounds From Dr. Dre And Timberland, Which Had A Major Influence On Me. My Obsession For Music Made Me Delve Into Production And I Have Carved Out A Niche For Myself In The Industry. I’m Presently Based In Nigeria, I Have Produced For A lot Of Artists From Home And International. I Also Have An EP titled, The Other Side Of Me, As An Effort To Explore Electronic Dance Music, Which Is Available On The Boom Player App.


Nathan Nikoro 

What’s Up Everyone I Go By The Name Of Nay T, I’m From The Southeast District Of Melbourne Australia. I Grew Up In A Family Of Full Musicians And Hustlers, I Started Making Beats At A Young Age Following My Cousins And Watching How They Did It. Until I Realised I Was Better Than I Thought So I Starting Working On My Own Individual Craft.

Simingaye Shezi 

I’m Simingaye Shezi Aka J Wolf, I Love Art And Doing Drawing Inventing Also Starting New Things. Taking Photos Is What I Love To Do The Most, So I Started To Use All The Photos I Take With Phone Camera To Make My Track Covers.