Nbs Artists/Gwandy Mc And Q.

Gwandy Mc.

Hi I’m Aam Emmanuel Petter Andrew Aka Gwandy Mc, I Was Born On The 25 Of December In The Year Of 1990, In Malampaka Simiyu Tanzania. In 2011 I Completed The O Level At Nyamilama High School. Because Of My Poor Life It Led Me To Be Self Employed In The Rap Game Because I Was Born Talented.


I’m Usman Qureshi, In The Ghettos Of The Uk Bradford Lidget Green, Is Where I Was Raised And Spent Most Of My Life  Hustling On The Streets. My Inspiration Is Making Music, Where I Grew Up There Was A Lot Of Crime. So The Only Way For Me Was To Release My Energy Into My Music, Instead Of Doing It In Real Life. I Hope This Bio Will Make You See That Anyone Can Come From Nothing And Become Something, If You Hold On And Believe. Peace.