Nbs Artists/Ginger Ale Hippy And Koe Shine.

Ginger Ale Hippy.

I Was Born And Raised, In North West Province Mafikeng City South Africa. I’m A Rapper And A Vocalist, I Have Been Doing Music Since 2009 Till Present.  

 Koe Shine.

I’m From Myanmar, My Real name Is Nay Aung Shine, I Was Born On 11th Day Of June 1991, From A Poor Family. My Hobby Is Singing, But I Couldn’t Implement My Hobby, When I Was Young Because Of The Lack Of Money. I Finished High School And Started To Make Money For My Hobby By Teaching, After That I Joined Myanmar Mercantile Marine College, And Became A Seaman. I Started My Hobby In The End Of 2010, But At That Time There Weren’t Many Recording Studios, And Also Being a Sailor I Couldn’t Implement My Hobby As Much As I Wished, But I Tried My Best. I Did Perform At Some Stage Shows In 2015 And Also In 2016. About At The End Of 2015 I Got Connected With Nbs Rap Productions, Through Lee Simeone, The Boss Of The Production, I Will Be Rapping Until The End Of My Life.