Nbs Artists/Brick Mace And Komodoe FreeMan.

Brick Mace.

I Was Born And Bred In The Desert, In The Valley Of Tucson. I Discovered Hip Hop When I Was 14, And Started Rapping When I Was 16, With My Brothers, Buck AD7 And Justice Precise, Then in 2006 We Formed The Group, Tri-Latteral Connection. Basically Influenced By Wu Tang Clan, The Beatnuts, Terror Squad, Onyx, DMX, Canibus, Eminem, 2pac, Big L. Equates To The Culmination Of My Rap Skills, I Paid My Dues, And Lost My Teeth In The Battle Rap Circuit. I Will Never Given Up On My Dream, Of Uniting The Globe Through Rap Music, And That Is Why Im Pushing Through With Nbs.

Komodoe Freeman.

My Stage Name Is Komodoe Freeman, I Grew Up In Detroit Michigan. My Grandpa Tried To Raise Me, But I Was Difficult And I Wanted To Run The Streets. My Music Has Always Been My Sanctuary, At Times I Didn’t Want To Live No More, Music Was The Only Reason I Keep Going. 2pac Is The Closest Person I Have For A Father, Even Though I Never Meet Him. He Raised Me Through His Music, That's Why I Cant Be A Sellout Artist, I Accept The Responsibility’s That Come With My Blessings. My First Name Is Komodoe Because, That’s The Last Dragon On The Planet, Also Its Spit Is Deadly, And My Last Name Is Freeman Because I'm No Longer A Slave To The System.