Nbs Artist/Hally Wolf.

Hally Wolf.

I Was Born On August The 19th 1988 As Wilson Annor Clement To Very Humble And Loving Parents Of Blessed Memories. Hally Wolf Is What I’m Affectionately Known As In The Entertainment Circle. Im One Of The Next Biggest Entertainers To Hit Ghana And Africa As A Whole. This Is My In-Depth And Dispassionate Look Into My Life As A Multi-Talented Musician. This Shows My Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses But With Determination And Perseverance, We Will All Get To Our Destinations In Life. Hally Wolf Was Born In Cote D’Ivoire, Ivory Coast. Where I Started My Basic Education In The Police Service In A Funded School Called Sainter Day School In The Town Of Tamda. I Attended The School For Two Years, Which I Had To Stop Attending After My Family Relocated To Yegela In Cote D’Ivoire. This Was Not A Safe Haven Because I Lost Both Parents In A Car Crash Barely One Year After My Family Relocated. Sadly Enough I Was An Orphan At The Age Of 7. My Future Looked Gloomy Growing Up In A Third World Country Where Access To The Basic Necessities In Life Was Considered A Privilege. Another Phase Of My Life Was To Unfold In Ghana As What I Had Been Through In Cote D’Ivoire Was Not Devastating Enough.